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        Property For Sale In The Cyclades Islands.

Islands of : Andros : Naxos

Naxos    Here    

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Andros : Cyclades Islands

Andros is the most Northerly of the Cyclades Islands and the second largest after Naxos. It is only 7 nautical miles from Euboia with a population of Approx 10,000.

Andros is unusually green thanks to its plentiful supply of natural springs.

         Getting there is by ferries from Rafina, 37 nautical miles away with morning and afternoon sailings each way.
                        Raffina is only 20 minutes away on Express Bus from Athens International Airport.

Andros is one of the nicer Greek Islands. Lovely sunsets and great beaches, and it is easier to get to than most Islands.

A Unique Property With Great Possibilities : Ano Mermingies : Andros


This is a 9 Stremma (9,000 sq mts) terraced hillside plot with stunning views of the Aegean and the Island of Evia. .

It is situated at the Northern end of Andros and is only 15 mins by car with good roads from the main port of Gavrion.


Much landscaping has already been done, with a new front gate and much stone terracing and walls..


The plot has guaranteed privacy since the access road ends at the property's new gated entrance. There is a valid building permit for a 102 square metre country house that could be modified to build legally up to a maximum of 290 square metres. Electricity and telephone poles are inside the property. About 250 metres of stone terracing and retaining walls have been recently built and the central area has been levelled ready for the construction of a house. There is a recently constructed storage shed of 15 square metres which could be usable as an extra guest room.

This property is quite large and with terraces and would suit a couple who in addition to a country house is interested in developing a garden and or a vineyard.

Price : 115,000 Euros              Code : ANDROS PLOT/EV010       A really good price for such a large piece of land. 

A Fantastic Seaside Villa With Pool & Private Beach : Felos : Andros


Located at Felos in Andros this house was built in 2005 and is in perfect condition.


It has uninhibited sea views and is 370 square metres in area with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms a kitchen, and 5 toilets.



The Villa sleeps 8 people plus 2 in the basement for staff purposes. It has a big lounge, eating area and kitchen on the ground floor. There are two fire places. The ceilings are all covered by painted wood. There is a pool area with sitting, bar and eating facilities underneath a wooden pergola. The Villa is completely furnished and it is equipped with central heating and ceiling fans.


The infinity swimming pool is 12 m x 5.50 m in area and overlooks the sea and is maintained on a regular basis.


Number of floors : Ground floor, first floor and basement. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the first floor. One bedroom and one bathroom on the ground floor. One bedroom in the basement. The villa is to be sold fully furnished.


Andros Island belongs to the Cycladic Archipelago and can be reached by boat from Rafina port (40 km from Athens) in 2 hours. The Villa is situated only a 15 minutes drive   from the port. Andros has a lot to offer in terms of culture, life, beaches, villages, nature and walking paths.

Price : 1,000,000 Euros    Or Near Offer                Code : ANDROS JIK/010

A House For Sale : Ateni Village : Andros


Located in Ateni Village in Andros this house was built in 1984 and is in perfect condition.


It has two storeys. The upper storey is 80m square metres with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen, as well as a living room with a fireplace.


The lower floor is about 40 square metres with a bathroom, a small storage room and the main large living room/ bedroom. The plot size is 4,000 square metres and has a water mill. It is only 2.5 klms from the very beautiful Ateni Beach.

Price : 190,000 Euros                    Code : ANDROS EB/010    

An Inherited Seaside House For Sale Only 30 Metres To The Sea Front : Korthi : Andros



The main entrance of this house is only 30 metres from the sea and the house is situated in the seaside town of Korthi. The property is 240 square metres and was built in 1970 and is a single storey concrete building with a flat roof. There are 4 rooms in the house and they all have windows. It has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and a toilet and has a garden with trees of Lemon and Pomegranate and Bougainvillea.   General maintenance is required, but Can be lived in whilst refurbishing is taking place. A Sun roof or a second floor could easily be constructed on to the flat roof which would give good sea views to the North East.   This is an ideal cheap property for a DIYer, so very close to the sea and so easy to get to from Athens airport, getting there is by ferry from Rafina, 37 nautical miles away on the mainland with morning and afternoon sailings and Raffina is only 20 minutes away on Express Bus from Athens International Airport. The tavernas of Korthi and the local amenities are very close and only about 3 minutes by walking. There is electricity and water and it is connected to the main sewerage.

The plot is valued by the local authority at 106,000 Euros, so the price is a must sell price, as the property was inherited and no longer required.

Price : 75,000 Euros  REDUCED TO 65,000 Euros        Code : ANDROS AK/010                        

A Beautiful Seaside Plot For Sale With Planning Permission : Korthi Bay : Andros


This lovely plot is less than 150 metres from a sandy beach with magnificent views over Korthi Bay and town.


The plot is 6,352.79 square metres and is located on a rocky slope. No other buildings are allowed to be built in front of the plot. There is a valid building license available for 2 villas with an area of 255 square metres for the two villas, in traditional Cycladic style which can be unified into one villa. Full plans available on request. The building licence runs out by the end of March 2014 and the concrete skeleton has to be completed by that date otherwise the license will have to be renewed. The plot includes an old traditional cottage of 27 square metres which can be transformed to a studio/guest house.

For Full Plans please ask Brian for ANDROS TM/AM/010     E Mail Brian.

Price : 180,000 Or Near Offer              Code : ANDROS TM/AM/010       

A Beautiful Plot For Sale : St Peters : Andros


This lovely plot is less than 300 m from one of the most beautiful beaches at St Peters on Andros


The plot is 4,000 square metres but because of the resort building allowance you may build up to a 400 square metre house. The plot has olive and almond trees. Electricity and water and telephone facilities are all available.

Price : 200,000 Or Near Offer              Code : ANDROS KP/010        

4 New Designs For Off Plan Villas On Andros Sea Side Land With The Fabulous View Below

Four contemporary designs with panoramic views for easy island living in Andros!

These open plan designs were created to take full advantage of the breathtaking views on the western side of Andros. They provide an open, airy feeling with plenty of room for relaxation and are suitable as vacation homes and/or year-round living. We can alter these plans or create new plans based on your feedback, likes or dislikes, etc. Plans aren't carved in stone and anything can be changed, so feel free to express any ideas you might have. There are ,however guidelines and zoning laws that are particular to Andros that we must conform to. These laws are mostly concerned with window sizes, running wall lengths, opening placement, etc., and maintaining a "traditional" flavour in the construction of new buildings. All plans are subject to licensing by the architectural committee. The designs are also subject to minor alterations in relation to the topography of each plot, but this usually doesn't effect aesthetic to much. The surface treatments i.e., tiles, walls, kitchen cabinetry, colours, etc. , are just examples of what can be done. As a client , you would be able to choose these details with an adjustment to the final price only if necessary (example: Italian sandstone instead of ceramic tile) . The changes would be made only after you have approved (in writing) the new estimate.

Plan Number 1


Plans and full specifications of Plan No 1 can be obtained by E Mailing Brian                 E Mail Brian.

Plan Number 2


Plans and full specifications of Plan No 2 can be obtained by E Mailing Brian                 E Mail Brian.

Plan Number 3


Plans and full specifications of Plan No 3 can be obtained by E Mailing Brian                 E Mail Brian.

Plan Number 4


Plans and full specifications of Plan No 4 can be obtained by E Mailing Brian                 E Mail Brian.

PLOTS : We have several plots with panoramic views on hold right now! : They are located on the main coastal road, facing the West (Sunset), 180 panoramic view of the Aegean : Plots range from 60,000 to 90,000 euro, depending on size, starting at 4000 sq. meters or 43,057 sq. feet (conforming to zoning laws of the area). Each of them are located approx. 20 minutes from the main port, 10 minutes from shopping, restaurants, services, and clubs. : All are located 5-10 minutes from the major beaches of Halkolimionas, Plaka, and Apothikes and several minor beaches. : All four designs have a 16-18 month delivery date.

VISITS : If you decide to take the plunge and visit us in Andros, we'll be with you every step of the way. From airport to port, rental car to hotel room, we can help with reservations and info on your visit. We are native-English speakers so you don't have to worry about mix-ups and misunderstandings. We will give you accurate information on lawyers, contracts, taxes, and all your rights concerning ownership of property in Greece. As a client we will also provide you with week by week progress reports including photographs and descriptions of work that has been completed.


5 New Homes To Be Built : Andros

These new homes are only 5 mins from downtown shopping, tavernas and the beaches.

All homes have independent central heating with their own boiler, and home automation system, and a central vacuum cleaner. They come with fully fitted bedroom and kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures.

Price : No 1. 99.91 m2, 2 Bedrooms. 2 Bathrooms. 2 Car garage and a basement : 320,000 Euros   
Price : No 2. 69.83 m2, 2 Bedrooms. 1 Bathrooms. 2 Car garage and a basement : 224,000 Euros  
Price : No 3. 30.09 m2, Studio. With basement and parking lot and a 27 m2 balcony : 96,000 Euros  
Price : No 4. 103.83 m2, 3 Bedrooms. 2 Bathrooms. 2 Car garage and a basement : 333,000 Euros  
Price : No 5. 96.01 m2, 2 Bedrooms. 2 Bathrooms. 2 Car garage and a basement : 307,000 Euros            Code : ANDROS DP/05

Three Lovely New Homes Available Overlooking The Aegean On Andros


These Houses Are Situated With Breathtaking Views Over The Aegean And The Historical Town Of Chora.


These three brand new, beautifully finished adjacent homes have just come on offer. Two are fully furnished and all three have breathtaking, panoramic views overlooking the Aegean and the historical town of Chora. Located on the much sought eastern side of Andros in the quiet village of Ipsilou, these picturesque homes are located just ten minutes from the Islands central shopping, restaurants, bars, museum of modern art, etc. and only five minutes away from the less crowded beaches of Yalia and Piso Yialia.


The two completely furnished properties have been fitted with all the modern conveniences and decorated in an updated Mediterranean style with traditional Andriotico touches, ready to live in. Both of these homes are completely fitted with everything you need from curtains and linens to furniture and appliances. All the furnishings etc. are brand new and only top quality tiles, fixtures, fittings, etc. have been used in the construction of all three of these charming Island homes. Each of these homes have their own individual parking, private entrance, central heating system, garden, and marble fireplaces. The surrounding gardens are delightfully landscaped with many indigenous plants and flowers and with an emphasis on low maintenance.


Property 1 Completely furnished Living space: 131 sq meters or 1420 sq feet Garden: 230 sq meters m or 2475 sq feet Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 1 main and 1 en suite in master bedroom Fireplace: 1 marble Large sunny living room Ergonomic, beautifully fitted kitchen Additional rooms: 2 storage rooms, one indoor and one outdoor. Large eat-out veranda with lovely archways, overlooking Chora
Price €: 400,000  Furnished  :  Price €: 370,000   Unfurnished.

Property 2 unfurnished but does include all kitchen electrical appliances (stove, refrigerator) Living space: 168 sq meters or 1808 sq feet Garden: 352 sq meters or 3788 sq feet Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 main and 1 en suite in master bedroom Fireplace: 1 marble Large spacious living room with stonework accents Separate sunny, elevated dining room Kitchen with appliances, large and roomy Additional rooms: indoor storage room Large eat-out veranda with lovely archways, overlooking Chora
Price €:450,000. 

Property 3 completely furnished Living space: 142 sq meters or 1528 sq feet Garden: 352 sq meters or 3788 sq feet Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 1 main and 1 en suite in master bedroom Fireplace: 1 marble Large open living room Separate dining room Nicely done, ergonomic kitchen Additional rooms: indoor storage room Large eat-out veranda overlooking Chora
Price €:450,000   Furnished  :  Price €: 425,000  Unfurnished

Code : ANDROS AP/001-003

A Beautifully Renovated Traditional Island Villa in Andros


This recently renovated historical home has all the elements of a traditional Andriot island villa with it’s stonework, wood, and time-honored archways. Large and roomy, this wonderful stone construction property has plenty of room for guests and big families. Its extensive gardens with water its own rights are suitable for any type of gardening including ornamental, fruit trees, vegetables, etc. and already has lemon, orange, and olive trees.


Located on the main island road in the quaint village of Messaria and only five minutes away from the main town of Chora and beaches, this grand home has a beautiful view overlooking the enchanting valley of Levadia, known for its abundant butterfly and wild flower populations.


The plot that this property is situated on includes another building plot of 1808 sq meters which is eligible for a building license for a house of 162 sq meters.

The house living space is 258 sq meters. The Garden is 1890 sq meters. There are 4 Bedrooms, 3 upstairs and 1 downstairs. 2 Bathrooms, 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. There are 2 stone fireplaces 1 is en suite in master bedroom. The living room, has 2 large spacious living areas. The Kitchen is sunny and spacious with all new wood cabinetry, French doors open onto the veranda There are additional rooms, such as a spacious linen/washing room. There is a very big open airy veranda of 25 sq meters. The property is completely enclosed with traditional stone wall and gate with parking for three cars in the grounds. The entire home is very sunny with lots of windows and French doors.

Price : 600,000 Euros                    Code : ANDROS AP /004

12 Houses Situated Only 450 Metres From One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches On The Island


Now starting to build on a 10,000 square metre plot is a series of 12 houses. Called the Panthea project after Ancient Pantheon, they will be named after the 12 Gods and Goddesses.

They are twelve separate vacation houses together with a swimming pool and a mini-market-cafe they will all have panoramic views, and their own garden plots of aprox 700 to 900 square metres.

Every house is built in single storey, some steps above ground, and covered by an inclined roof, to give extra space.


Altogether a very nice little development. Orders are being taken now. An order fee of 10,000 Euros is required and you get the deeds to your plot in return. Build time is 12 months.

A. 25 square metre studio in 750 sq. m. of land. Price : 75,000 Euros.  
B. 45 square metre, single bedroom plus living room in 850 sq.m. of land. Price : 120,000 Euros.  
C. 64 square metre, double bedroom plus living room in 950 sq.m. of land. Price : 250,000 Euros.  

Code : ANDROS FK/24

5 New Residences Close To The Sea : Andros

The group of residences 'OCEANIDES' is located in the area of Kato Aprovato in the Municipality of Ydrousa, Andros, approximately 3 klm. from Batsi and approximately 10 kml. from Gavrio port, only 100 m. from the main road connecting Gavrio with the Chora of Andros. The plot is located in the Aprovato settlement, one the most protected areas of the island from the winds. The view towards the Southwest Aigaion is magnificent and infinite. Close to the residences, in a 10 minute walking distance, there is a beautiful and isolated beach with green sand.

The residences were designed according to traditional Cycladic island architecture. The elements that stand out are the classic Andros stone and the white finish on the walls as well as the wooden windows and doors along with wooden beams in the ceilings. Also, in every house there is a fireplace. The residences were perfectly adapted to the intense slope of the plot to fit with the morphology of the area.


Two storey residence with a total surface of 168 sq. m. On the basement, of 93 sq. m., there are 2 bedrooms, a small living room with a kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a storage room. On the 1st floor, of 75 sq. m., there is a living room, a kitchen, one room and one bathroom.


Two storey residences with a total surface of 150 sq. m. On the basement, of 75 sq. m., there are 2 bedrooms, a small living room with a kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a storage room. On the 1st floor, of 75 sq. m., there is a living room, a kitchen, one room and one bathroom.


Now ready for viewing


Two storey residences with a total surface of 150 sq. m. On the basement, of 75 sq. m., there are 2 bedrooms, a small living room with a kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a storage room. On the 1st floor, of 75 sq. m., there is a living room, a kitchen, one room and one bathroom.


All Five houses are built to a very high quality


For sale are the houses "A" and "B"  The houses are already finished and completely furnished. Their prices are 250.000€ for house A and 300.000€ for house B.

Price : House A 250,000 Euros House B 300,000 Euros     Code : ANDROS DK/1TO5